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Tirohanga Motor Camp Facilities

Here at Tirohanga Beach Motor Camp we have a range of facilities that are practical and functional. Ranging from a Large Play Ground Area for the Kids, clean and tidy kitchen and toilet facilities. A laundry, hall and games room plus fish cleaning station.

Tirohanga Playground

Location for Events

Due to our relative distance from neighbors, large camping areas and relaxed atmosphere, Tirohanga Motor Camp has become an ideal location for Large Club Events from mid January on.

Tirohanga Club Events

Clean and tidy Kitchen and Toilet areas

We keep our facilities clean and tidy at all times. They are shut down twice daily for cleaning between 11-12am and pm. During this time we ask camper to try to keep clear while cleaning is in progress.

Our Kitchen

Designated Pet Area

We've created a designated pet area which is available all year round. The Pet Area is marked on on our map which is available on our Designated Pet Area Page.

Tirohanga Pets Welcome