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Affordable Activities near the Camp

We appreciate campers don't want to spend a fortune on activities when they come camping.

After all camping is meant to be affordable and we're trying to keep it that way. Here's some ideas to get the whole family involved in something outdoors and healthy that doesn't cost the earth.

Tirohanaga Dunes Section

Riding the Dunes Trail

The Dunes Trail is situated right in front of the park and is a real attraction for our campers for lots of reasons. Wether it be families wanting to do some fitness or to get the kids out of the tent or simply mum wanting a safe place to jog or cycle into town for a coffee.

Ride the Pakihi Track

We've got a special offer running for those that want to ride the Pakihi Section of the Motu Trails. Give us a call to find out more.

It has quickly become apparent that the Pakihi Section of the Motu Trails is THE section to ride. Everybody wants to do it but it becomes expensive when travel, accommodation, transport and equipment are taken into consideration.

Fellowship Games

Fun for Kids at Tirohanga

Fun at Tirohanga is back to basics when it comes to kids. With a sunny beach front location and the Dunes section of the Motu Trails right in front of the park, electronics are left in the tent... Most of the time!

Opotiki Golf Course

The Opotiki Golf Course is only 7 or 8 mins from Tirohanga. The course is always kept in good condition throughout the year there are good facilities and group bookings are always welcomed.

Hukutaia Domain

Hukutaia Domain

Hukutaia Domain is 4.5 hectares of native bush remnant, featuring ancient Puriri trees, mighty Tawa, and many varieties of ferns, moses and fungi. It provides a glimpse of how the local area looked before culitvation of the land changed the landscape. A great half day trip for the family.

Surfcasting Tirohanga

Fishing Options

Theres quite a broad range of fishing options here at Tirohanga Motor Camp. Surfcasting and long lining make up the most popular of activities. But considering there are world class trout rivers and streams within a short drive these should be considered also. There also a small personal local charter boat thats available too.