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About the Area

Tirohanga Beach

Tirohanga Beach is a gentle sloping white sand beach on the eastern edge of the Bay of Plenty. Often described as the gateway to the East Cape, Tirohanga Beach is the last accessible beach before the Raukūmara Ranges meet the ocean and the coastline begins to become rocky and the beaches stoney.

Flick us an email or give us a call and come visit our stretch of beautiful coastline.

Gateway to the East Cape

There are many beautiful places as you head towards the East. The Raukumara Ranges create a multitude of rocky points and stoney bays where access to the coastline is often difficult. Small settlements like, Opape & Torere and other unmarked bays provide some access for rock fishing, diving and shellfish collection. 

There is also world class surf breaks like Hawai and others. Many of these hidden gems are wanted to be kept that way and subsequently are closely guarded, If you do wish to gain access to the coast ensure you ask any landowners permission.

Our recommendation to campers wanting to head "up the coast" is it's a nice half day to day trip drive. Observe the scenery from designated rest areas, stop for an ice cream at Omaio or Te Kaha and drive carefully.

Opotiki Township

Opotiki is the closest town to Tirohanga Beach Motor Camp. Only 6 k's down the road it has all a camper could want here at Tirohanga. A large modern Supermarket, Cafes & a full range of service stores. Parking in the main business and shopping areas is also free.